Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Freedom Takes Change is to offer an addiction and recovery assistance place where all those who are looking for advice, help, or support can find it. Where people can search for answers about addiction, recovery and change in a safe friendly environment free of judgment. 
Mission Statement:

The mission of Freedom Takes Change is to create a safe place that offers a better understanding of addiction, recovery and change. Where people can come and experience the help needed to make the changes in their lives. With one goal in mind, better lives for those in recovery and their loved ones.
 There are many reasons for change, what's yours. 
  Freedom Takes Change
Offering help in Maine
with Addiction, Recovery, and Support

Addiction and Recovery 

    My name
 is Steve Plummer, I am an Addiction Consultant and Recovery Coach working in Maine to help those who want to either stop or change that same familiar cycle from repeating itself over and over again. Change is often a difficult process for more than one reason and it is because of this, that getting assistance is so important. I work with many men who have been incarcerated who are now trying to adapt to living free and in recovery, for the majority of these guys this can be a very difficult  task where all too often the challenges that arise on a daily bases are overwhelming and can cause the towel to be thrown in.  My goals in life are to stop this from happening, to lower the incredibly high recidivism rate by offering many different types of support as they adapt to a life of freedom and recovery. 

    Unfortunately, in many of these cases it is not just the men who need or want help but also their loved ones who have also been struggling through these tough times right along with them but are not sure what to do. It can be very frustrating for a loved one to see the struggles but feel that their hands are tied or just not sure what to do to be the help that is needed. Family members and loved ones are also very much affected by these situations and equally need to reach out, just know that you are not alone, there are many different types of people who are seeking much needed assistance.  

I offer many different types of assistance with the same goal for all of them:

Better lives for those in recovery and their loved ones.

    Whether you or a loved one deals with Addiction, Criminal Addictive Thinking, repeated incarceration, anger, pain, hurt, fear, or any of the many other problems in life and you want a change, you are not alone. There are millions of people out there just like you who want a change in their lives or to help a loved one in recovery as well, so what can be done about it? Well, you have already started the process of achieving a better chance for more successful results just by thinking about making changes. Now, even better you are actively looking for answers or ways to make these changes in either your life or ways of better helping in the lives of your loved ones, which means you have taken some very important steps.

    This is the reason I have designed this program, and work with so many people who are just trying to keep bad things from happening to either themselves or their loved ones. As a Recovery Coach who has many years of experience dealing with many different people I know that sometimes it can be very difficult knowing that the cycle is repeating itself and you are not sure how to prevent it. You try to help your loved one or you try to change something in your life but something always ends up happening that gets in the way. Next thing you know you are dealing with that all too familiar result, wondering what you could have done to prevent it. This is where being in contact with a Recovery Coach can be so important, Recovery Coaches are both trained and experienced with recovery and have a strong passion for helping others with their recovey. For information on the Recovery Coach Program please check out their website: Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery, (MAAR)

    I heard a quote years ago that went,  "Change I must or die I will" which was very powerful for me at that time in my life. This quote was one that I repeated to myself many times a day for a very long time, now with a humble gratitude I can talk about the change that I went through as I dealt with my own addiction and thinking problems with others who are seeking change as well. This quote rings a very powerful truth as many of my old friends are no longer with us today mostly due to the all too familiar addiction vs. recovery battle.  Sadly, with this lifestyle we know that it is an unfortunate reality that too many have been left behind and forced to face but luckily, if your researching for answers now you are on the right track.  

    This program is fully supported by the donations of generous people like you, for donation information please click here

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